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TVA series COB

0.9 mm to 1.56mm pixel pitch.Micro chip on board.
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HXTECH uses micro LED chips, directly connect them on the board surface, which is also known as Chip On Board (COB), allows for the highest pixel density while ensuring a fantastic contrast and a solid screen surface.

The key features & benefits :

Ultimate Black,Superior Contrast
TVA  series apply coated layer instead of usual mask. The substrate layer minimizes space between the diodes making the surface of the modules almost completely black. TVA series display can provide superior contrast ratio up to 10,000:1.

Widest Viewing Angle
Due to COB technology maximizes viewing angle, TVA deliver the widest viewing angle that is close to 180 degrees.

The riches colors
With Direct-LED technology, colors are almost as saturated as what your eyes can see.

Strongest LED display, damage-proof
Coated layer on the top of the module, protects the LEDs from all kind of damage. It is much stronger than the traditional SMD LED display especially. SMD LED display is more easy to damage with its tiny SMD lamp soldering on the board.

Humidity-proof, dust proof
Protective layer completely coats the led chips, as a result modules are better resistant to external factors including humidity, wind, corrosion, high temperatures and UV rays, dust , etc.Front display with IP34 make it very easy to clean even with water.

Better heat dissipation, low light attenuation
Because the COB chip is directly dispensed onto the PCB, the area of heat dissipation is wider than SMD with better attenuation.

Extremely low rate of pixel out of control
COB integrated encapsulation, no reflow soldering, no harm to the LEDs, higher reliability failure rate <10PPM while the normal SMD LED display >50PPM

Seamless display
Real seamless splicing to any size requirement, replace DLP and LCD perfectly

Easy 16:9 
A true 16:9 LED display unit, perfect ratio 16:9 easy set up.

High grey scale low brightness
High grey scale under low brightness, high refresh rate more than 3840 HZ

Slim and easy front service
Die -casting aluminum cabinet with ultra light and slim, which facilitate maintenance & space-saving with front service design

PS: TVA1.2, 1080P,screen size :2.4mX1.35m



Working environment




TVA1.2 TVA1.5

LED type

Mirco chip on board

Pixel pitch


1.25mm 1.5625mm

Cabinet Size (HxV)


Cabinet resolution





Die casting aluminum

IP rating(front/rear)


White balance brightness (nits)

50-600 (adjustable)

Max. power Consumption(W/m2


Refresh rate(HZ)




Operating temperature range

-20°C to +50°C

Operating humidity


Life time(50% brightness)

100,000 hours



3D capability