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RZ-M 500X500

2.604mm to 4.81 mm pixel pitch. Economical design.Cabinet size 500X500mm. Curve design available.
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Higher contrast & lower reflectivity. The black package offers significantly higher contrast with lower reflectivity than comparable white-package SMDs. This makes the black SMD idea in display applications where contrast is key. especially in high ambient light conditions, for example in the stage with much lights ,in bright sunshine…

One display compatible for outdoor & indoor application. RZ-M outdoor combining black SMD with HXTECH unique circuit design, the display brightness can be adjusted from 3000 nits to 800 nits, with super grayscale. That means one display can be used for both outdoor and indoor

Vivid colors. The colors of black SMD display are much more closer to the real colors. This makes it a good choice for playing movie content where bright true colors are more demanding.

Gentle brightness , good visual experience . The black outdoor SMD display with 3000 nits can have better visual effect than regular 6000 nits display. That means a better image visibility but with gentler brightness to eyes. IT is a good choice for some outdoor toe-tote application, for example , LED totem on entrance, mobile display on roads,…

High precision die-casting magnesium material cabinet, seamless connection

Light weight and slim cabinet ,which will help reduce the storage space and saving transportation cost.

Fast installation ,tools free makes the installation fast and easy.

High refresh rate 3840 Hz, which suits most of the applications with no flicker image under camera.

Noisy mute, no fans applied for the cabinet makes a quiet screen . 

Available with curve lock design, which can easily set up a curve screen. More widely application for rental business.

Available in 500X1000mm cabinet size. 500X500mm cabinet works perfectly with 500X1000mm cabinet



Working environment


Outdoor & Indoor


iRZ2.6-M iRZ3.91-M



LED type

3-in-1 SMD

Pixel pitch

2.604mm 3.91mm 3.91mm 4.81mm

Module Size (HxV)


Cabinet Size (HxV)


Cabinet resolution

192X192 128X128




Die casting magnesium

IP rating(front/rear)



White balance brightness (nits)



Max. power Consumption(W/m2



Refresh rate





Operating temperature range

-10°C to +40°C

-20°C to +50°C

Operating humidity


Life time(50% brightness)

100,000 hours