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2017 Guangzhou ISLE Exhibition: Small Pitch LED Display into Focus

International Sign and LED Exhibition Guangzhou (ISLE) was held from February 15th to 18th. As the first exhibition of the LED industry, the total exhibition area of ​​ISLE is up to 120,000 square meters, attracting over 1,600 exhibitors, and it is estimated that there are more than 80,000 professional buyers from more than 100 countries and regions.


   According to observations and several vendors on the market, this year, the demand for short-pitch products has surpassed last year's demand. At present, all of the production capacity is at a full load stage. Coupled with the rapid rise of raw materials in the upstream LED industry, many packaging plants have started to brewing. price. Since Everlight Electronics started a small-pitch application market in 2009, the distance from the P2.5 in the past to P1.2 this year has been reduced by 50%, and the new application's thinking is to shift the dot pitch to P0. 7 direction belt. This is not a challenge for the R&D and production technologies of raw materials and display manufacturers.


Jin Haitao, an assistant manager of Optoelectronics Product Management Center, said at the show that due to the price increase notified by various chip manufacturers, and with limited production capacity, Yiguang Electronics has already begun to implement selective orders and considers the condition of the supply chain. Do not rule out the possibility of price increases, this wave of price fluctuations will certainly affect the first half of this year.

Everlight Electronics has always been a leader in small-pitch packaging technology. In addition to the large-scale production of 0808 and 0606, this year due to the development trend of professional and special applications for small-pitch display applications, the long-developed 0505 has also been successively developed. At the beginning, the 0505 is the smallest RGB package in the global packaging industry, and it is bound to become the mainstream product for small-pitch packages in the future.


Driver ICs provide a full range of solutions for small pitch displays

Driven by the market demand for small-pitch displays, driver IC manufacturers offer new solutions for solutions ranging from small-footprint common display problems to leasing, 24-hour uninterrupted power applications (central control rooms, shopping malls), and accumulation technology Hawkeye series. Not only to enhance the display effect, a new generation of brightness adjustment templates allows brightness adjustment without sacrificing grayscale and white balance; while smart energy-saving helps reduce power consumption in uninterrupted power applications. The main product is simple, smart, and superior. In the rental market, it has the function of a brightness adjustment template. In the central control room and retail shopping mall, through smart energy-saving, it can achieve the 24-hour uninterrupted power function and provide consumers with a clear display. Guidelines.

The 48-channel LED driver IC MBI5353 from Gathering Technology can save the area of ​​the lamp panel cloth, and is more suitable for LED display applications with increasingly narrower spacings. In addition, it also has two functions of intelligent adjustment and brightness adjustment template.