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New trends in the development of LED industry

The display screen, as a heavyweight in the field of security monitoring and display, directly affects the direction of the security industry. With the new trend of LED display development, outdoor LED is one of the important directions for the development of the LED industry. The monitoring and display show that the application advantages of the construction industry are prominent. With the advancement of this technology, I believe that the development of LED monitor display will bring more convenience to people.

LED industry development trend

1. Deepening product technology and product diversification

The technical foundation and level of the LED display industry in Chengdu, Sichuan, China should be said to be quite advanced. The main products and key technologies can be kept in line with the international advanced level in the same industry, but the level of technology is relatively backward, in the product standardization, overall system design, There is a clear gap with foreign countries in terms of reliability, manufacturing processes, and testing methods.

The technology and performance of LED devices have been continuously improved, and the development of electronic technologies is changing with each passing day. This brings a good foundation for the deepening and improvement of LED display products in Chengdu, Sichuan. At the same time, LED display has been widely used in various fields of social life. The development of semiconductor lighting industry has brought a good opportunity for LED display industry. Therefore, LED display market has a promising development prospect.

Deepening the technical connotation, enriching the product system, diversifying the products, and highlighting the advantages of the leading products will be an important trend in the development of the LED display industry in Chengdu, Sichuan.

2. Standardization of conventional products and specialization of application products in specific fields

The promotion and promotion of related standards will promote the standardization of LED display products. In the conventional LED display products, standardized display devices and control systems will be more widely used, and integrated LED display products will occupy a major position in the industry. The standardized division of LED display product production and market technical services will be More obvious. In the field of professional applications, LED display products meet the needs of professional applications, and the level of specialization will continue to increase. Some products that combine application requirements will expand the formation of new products and new application areas for LED displays, such as the large urban lighting projects. Area LED display, stadium LED display, traffic LED display.

3. The rational division of labor within the industry and the formation of a new industry structure

With the development of technology and market, China's LED display industry will gradually increase in the adjustment and have a reasonable division of labor to form a new industry structure. In the overall industry chain, the formation of leading LED device manufacturers and the formation of key enterprises that display product production will redefine the division of labor in the upstream and downstream industries, highlighting the specialization of division of labor and collaboration. Perhaps in the early stage of development of the semiconductor lighting industry, the definition of specific division of labor and collaboration between LED device manufacturers and display product manufacturers is rather vague, but as the market expands and the technology products mature, this definition will become increasingly clear.

In the LED display industry in Chengdu, Sichuan, the enterprise groups in the industry will be appropriately classified, gradually forming technology-based development companies with key control system technology research and development, and manufacturing enterprises with mainly large-scale and standardized production as the market. Application-oriented technology service-oriented enterprises, professional application-oriented enterprises that meet the needs of specific markets, etc.

LED display has irreplaceable value outdoors

In all advertising media, outdoor advertising is the oldest form of media. It was born at the same time as trade and rooted in the city. It is closely related to the economic, cultural and social life of the urban people. It is the media for the brand and the product. It is also a symbol of the prosperity of the city. These characteristics form a unique and irreplaceable value for outdoor media.

LED display is a new type of information display media developed rapidly in the world in the 90s of the last century. It combines modern high technology and has a series of advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, vivid colors, dynamic display, text, and wide viewing range. Outdoor LED screen advertising screen area, visual effects shocking, can fully attract the audience's attention, is a new combination of media and high-tech. These changes have created a unique and irreplaceable value for outdoor media.

The LED display media also has an advertising feature with a high effective arrival rate. Compared with television, newspapers and other media, the price is relatively low. These unique values ​​make full-color LED display media a natural part of outdoor media. For example, LED display screens in the core area of ​​New York's Times Square CBD and Tokyo Ginza, Japan not only have the function of advertising and marketing, but also a symbol of the status of world-renowned large-scale enterprises - companies with dominance in the industry can broadcast here. Advertisements, and companies that broadcast advertisements here, have made people perceive the status of its brand in the world.

Unlike traditional outdoor media, full-color LED displays are not just outdoor media. They also have the characteristics and advantages of television and other media. Moreover, full-color LED displays are not merely an extension of outdoor media and television media. They have a larger innovation space and a more spacious space that interacts and communicates with consumers in space and time. They can meet individual needs and have a digital age. The concept is a unique form of screen.

The importance of monitoring large screens for building safety management

With the improvement of China's economic and social development level, the construction industry has developed rapidly. However, the safety of construction operations has always been severe. The frequency of accidents in the construction industry has risen to the top of all industries in the country. Therefore, safety management is a very important factor in ensuring construction safety during construction operations.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the intelligent industry, the large-screen monitoring system has broken down the past “closed-circuit television system” simulation method structure, realizing the real-time, vivid, and truly reflecting the screen of the monitored object, becoming the monitoring and control of people in modern management. An extremely effective tool, its application gradually spread to all walks of life, and has a unique role in modern architecture. The specific performance is to improve the safety production information management level, strengthen the construction site safety protection management, real-time monitoring of the construction site safety production measures to ensure that the entire construction process is in a controlled state, which can eliminate safety hazards in a timely manner.

1. The necessity of large-screen monitoring system applied to the construction site

In some construction sites, some construction units often overlook safety production in order to catch up with the construction period or reduce costs, leaving a safety hazard. In order to ensure the construction safety of construction projects, the traditional supervision methods are inefficient and can no longer adapt to the new situation in which the intensity of urban construction has been increasing in recent years. Strengthening the safety supervision methods on construction sites is already the most urgent task facing the construction safety supervision department. The use of a large-screen monitoring system to supervise the site construction site in real time through large screens not only reduces the workload of supervisors, but also strengthens regulation and supervision and improves work efficiency.

2. Inevitability of principle of large-screen monitoring system applied to construction safety management

Through the large-screen monitoring system, construction companies can implement remote control and real-time viewing of the construction site where the enterprise installs the monitoring system; the construction site project department, project construction unit, and supervision unit can control and use large-screen monitoring equipment to conduct on-site real-time supervision. It is a useful supplement to the current management model of safe work.

3. Strengthen the installation technology requirements of large-screen monitoring systems to enhance the effectiveness of safety supervision

Through the rational deployment of construction sites, efforts are made to improve the practicality, adaptability, and flexibility of the implementation of remote monitoring systems, to meet the different needs of safety supervision work to the maximum extent, and to realize the all-round monitoring needs of construction sites and personnel. The effective guarantee of monitoring effect.