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"Future classroom" on the LED display industry geometry?

“As far as words and deeds are concerned, physical education is not as good as environmental education,” and classrooms are one of the most important learning environments for the implementation of teaching activities. An advanced and efficient learning environment will affect students’ perceptions, emotional attitudes, and values. Forming has an important influence. However, in modern classrooms, apart from the addition of some multimedia devices, the classroom structure and traditional classrooms have not changed much. Therefore, the study of future classrooms that can integrate high-tech and traditional classrooms will be very important. The significance.

First, what is the future classroom?

The book DisruptingClass has a description of future classrooms: The future classroom is a classroom that integrates technology and software to provide students with alternative methods and choices to achieve their intended goals. He encouraged the creation of a place where students could work together, share lessons and do conceptual learning, rather than simply memorizing information.


Second, the status of future classrooms at home and abroad

At present, some developed countries have more mature studies on future classrooms. For example, the Komaba Active Learning Studio, a future classroom that Tokyo University has been practicing since 2007, aims to “achieve an ideal freestyle education”. It broke the traditional classroom structure and used a large number of cutting-edge information and communication technologies. It contains five conceptual areas: classroom space, waiting area, storage room, work room, and meeting room. The work room can provide necessary Support; There are a certain number of tables and chairs in the storage room to support different sizes of classrooms; The use of transparency-switchable glass in the waiting area and classroom space facilitates the interaction between the visitors and the students; The classroom space is the main teaching site and it can be used. Flexible, spliced ​​watercress desks for group discussions and collaborative learning, and each student is equipped with a tablet computer for student calculations and searches, as well as multiple screens, wireless projectors, and instant transponders. And so on, the teacher can receive student feedback in a timely manner... In this future Students can use the room a more efficient way to organize knowledge, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students to participate in classroom learning and autonomy. Another example is the MIT TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning) program, which aims to develop a teaching environment and course materials that can promote students to better understand physics. It is one of the research projects of the American Physical Education Reform. The goal of the project is to create a collaborative, highly interactive, computer-supported interaction that is also a future classroom with a rich variety of multimedia devices, teachers, and flexible and versatile venues. Communication, mutual assistance and cooperation. In recent years, China has also begun to work on this research and has made some progress. For example, the “digital interactive room” and “digital interactive classroom” developed by East China Normal University have four core devices: an electronic platform, a handwriting LCD screen, an electronic whiteboard, and an e-schoolbag. It once appeared at the Shanghai World Expo and was well received. In addition, Tsinghua University and related Taiwanese departments are also committed to future classroom research.

Third, the composition of the future classroom

In short, the future classroom must be a cloud classroom. In terms of hardware, it includes intelligent recording and broadcasting systems, electronic whiteboards, wireless projectors, touch notebooks, electronic textbooks, electronic desks, e-schoolbags, etc.; resources, from simulation media to digital media, to network media, all resources are eventually It is on the education cloud that such an informationized environment has formed, the total amount of knowledge has soared, and the content of education has become extremely rich. It can satisfy the individualized learning needs of every student.

The future classroom is a learning environment that integrates psychology, space design, teaching knowledge, and advanced science and technology. It is a learning environment more suitable for students to explore knowledge. In such an environment, the classroom becomes more visually and interactive, and not only can effectively improve Classroom effect, but also better promote students' autonomous exploration capabilities and mental development.

HXTECH with its fine pitch LED display which can offer an extremely high resolution for small size screen. Moreover , LED display with the built-in touch function is under rearch. Let us see what we can do for future classroom in the near future.