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Smart shelf-Edge video display

Smart shelf-Edge video display

A smart shop is a retail establishment that specializes in the sales of psychoactive substances, usually including psychedelics, as well as related literature and paraphernalia.

A smart shop require a smart shelf. What would be the traditional shelf looks like ? 

How about installing the screen on the shelf ?  

Prices, promotions and advertisement can now be displayed and changed with a click of a button. It is easy and convenient. It helps a lot for a more satisfying shopping experience.

HXTECH SSD-C1.25 series smart shelf display offer a flexible solution for the shelf system.It has the characteristics of waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-bumping, etc. In public places such as supermarkets and convenience stores with large traffic, it is not only afraid of touch, but also avoids damage caused by bumps. It can be used normally even in a moderately large fresh area.