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HXTECH newest vehicle top LED display T2.5-HD

HXTECH launched the newest vehicle top LED display T2.5-HD for taxi as well as ride share cars.
The key features:
Surface Mount Device (SMD) LEDs technology delivers viewing angles of 140º horizontal and 120º vertical, meaning that each panel is viewable by the maximum possible number of spectators.

High definition for outdoor LED display

High visible brightness even under direct sunlight.

Brilliant cooling system, Two layer bottom design combine with passive cooling ensures a brilliant cooling system. 

Start-up delay ,Screen will get to work with a set time-delay to help protect the battery of your car.

Fast updating program, publish the program(Videos, photos, txt, etc) via high speed 3G/4G.  Options : WIFI, Internet, USB.

Remote publish play program, publish your program anywhere at anytime via 3G/4G. 

Super energy saving, protect your car battery and save cost a lot .

LBS (location based service). Vehicle roof display will play itself for a setting advertising when get into an expected area, which will help a much more accurate advertising.  

EMC approved. Safe and not interfere with the radio system

Slim in depths and light in weight