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T5 pro taxi top LED display installation cases

T5 pro taxi top LED display installation cases at USA.

HXTECH taxi tops LED sign :Branding and Engagement for more audience

In-cab TV media advertising engage taxi passengers due to the brilliant design of Passenger Information Monitor .

How make it engage for more audience not only taxi passengers ?
YES, external media advertising solutions.
Traditional taxi tops and wraps deliver a good high reach.

Taxi Tops and wraps deliver eye-level impact day . Highlight client’s product, increase brand awareness, or run targeted messaging. Taxis thrive in areas where people work, shop, and play, following lifestyle patterns and population flow.

But it is far from good or perfect, traditional taxi tops and wraps always a static printing photos , reach a large audience but difficult to target the audience or reach a larger audience even make it 3-sides or 3D tops or back light for night time.

HXTECH offer a newest and most eye-catching digital advertising solution for taxi tops : taxi top LED display. It uses the LED display technology with stable quality outdoor , high visible brightness , vivid image , and more over, it options with LBS function (Geo- targeting)

The system can easily be programmed to only show adverts when the cab is within a certain area. 

HXTECH taxi roof LED screen would be the next generation for taxi digital media. 
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Key features and benefits of HXTECH taxi top LED display :

High bightness SMD LED display

3G or 4G connectivity

IP65 for outdoor applications

All color available

Web based publish system (IOS , Android, windows, Mac, etc)

Light weight & easy installation

Supports text, photo, video,etc

Geo-targeting, LBS function available