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HXTECH taxi top LED Displays
-A newest and high effeciency medium for digital out of home.

Taxi advertising is one of the strongest ways to show ads in front of a traveling, commuting or conference-attending audience. Blue-chip companies, not-for-profit organizations and federal government agencies consistently use this ad format to reach an audience that's on the go.
The most popular adverting for taxi would be taxi top lights or taxi tops board or taxi-wraps.These traditional advertising seems good due to its low cost at beginning , but it is not visible at night time and not eco friendly since most would be printing job. 
People are getting tired on a static printing board. HXTECH combine with the most advanced LED technology and LBS function , publish its taxi top LED display. It is newest and most advanced digital advertising media for taxi. 
It is eye-catching, reliable and high visible at direct sunlight or at night time  due to its LED technology. 

Features :

1. High vision brightness. 
2. Highly wateproof and dust proof.
3. Super energy saving. The unit will be connected to the car battery direclty. High power will cause the damage to the battery and also increase gas cost.
4. Low EMI. It is installed close to the human beings and the taxi radio system. It should be low EMI and comply with a real CE standards.
5. High definition. A high definition will get your ads more attractive and improve the ads efficiency.
6.Reasonble outlooking design with light weight.
7.Easy installation 

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