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RZ-F 500X500

2.9mm to 4.81 mm pixel pitch.Front service.Modular design.Single person installation.
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RZ-F 500X500mm is a new member of HXTECH rental LED display series. It was designed for a competitive rental display solution.

Key features & benifits :

1 Modular design, easy and fast to maintain. The whole display divided into 3 modular part: power control box, cabinet, LED module.

2. Ultra-practical rental cabinet design, humanized handle ( the handle has soft rubber protection) it can be used for quick installation, saving time and labor.

3.Fully indoor front and rear service, module and power box can be removed from the front or back.

4. Special kit waterproof design, can also achieve full outdoor front and rear service, module and power box can be removed from the front or back

5. Cabinet and module kit  designed with well considering front service, multi-point magnets with high flatness to ensure maximum magnetic attraction.

6. The separately designed rear service screw installation. Screw hole position are placed from the magnet’s, and will not weaken the strength of the cabinet.

7. One cabinet can be used for different indoor and outdoor models. Customers can purchase spare parts in the sea, or when the customer's budget is limited and the screen area is not particularly large, just buy some cabinets with more LED modules. Make full use of the LED cabinet.

8. A power control box is available in different indoor and outdoor models. Different types of control boxes can be mixed, which can reduce the number of spare parts and also help us to provide more stable standardized products.

9. The indicator light of the control box is enlarged and separated at the same time, and the design is downwards. It is convenient for the staff to observe the operation of the cabinet on the ground when a hanging display application.

10 .No AB module(no up and down direction installation)

11.The color of the power box decorative piece can be options, and it is also convenient for different buyers to buy and distinguish which ones belong to their own screen when a group purchase happen.

12. Perfectly designed with Nova system, making full use of the function of the receiving card, high refresh, high gray level.

13.Calibration memory in LED module available.(Options)

14.Optimized heat sinking design.



Working environment


Outdoor & Indoor


iRZ2.9-F iRZ3.91-F



LED type

3-in-1 SMD

Pixel pitch

2.97mm 3.91mm 3.91mm 4.81mm

Module Size (HxV)


Cabinet Size (HxV)


Cabinet resolution

168X168 128X128




Die casting aluminum

IP rating(front/rear)



White balance brightness (nits)



Max. power Consumption(W/m2



Refresh rate





Operating temperature range

-10°C to +40°C

-20°C to +50°C

Operating humidity


Life time(50% brightness)

100,000 hours