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MBI exhibited the latest high integration driver IC - MBI5359 at the 2017 micro-LED International Symposium

 Macroblock exhibited the latest high integration driver IC - MBI5359 at the 2017 micro-LED International Symposium on November 3rd. For the past few years, quality and requirements of LED display are getting stricter, and more cutting edge technologies are springing up for digital display such as micro-LED. According to LEDinside’s report, LED displays and wearable devices will be first applied with micro-LED within five years, and therefore, all value chain suppliers are starting to seek alliances to shorten their development schedule. In the aspect of display images, micro-LED has the advantages of high brightness, resolution and color saturation. It also has longer lifetime and higher efficiency, and lower power consumption than LED. “Seam-free” ultra fine-pitch micro-LED displays will be highly appropriated in retail and boutique industry. For large-sized indoor display applications, micro-LED’s features are beneficial to replace LCD screens and become the mainstream display technology in the future.

  At the micro-LED International Symposium, Macroblock demonstrated ultra fine-pitch LED display (pixel pitch 0.9375mm) embedded with LED driver IC MBI5359 to compare the image contrast between 14-bit and 16-bit grayscale. Obviously, MBI5359 achieves the “True 16-bit” visual performance and makes the image details clearer than the 14-bit image at the lower grayscale levels. For PCB layout, take a P0.9 module as an example, there is more space for layout by using MBI5359; furthermore, MBI5359 can be applied on a PCB with the finest pixel pitch down to 0.55mm.

  MBI5395 features three outstanding functions to achieve the prospect of driving micro-LED and provide refined image quality. 1. High integration. One MBI5359 can control 512 pixels, and therefore PCB bottom layer will have more free space and the component counts can be reduced. 2. Low constant current delivering to per color LED is down to 15uA (average). This feature can not only supply lower power consumption, but also enrich the grayscale levels of display images. 16-bit gray scale can provide better image uniformity and high contrast. 3. LED failure prediction. MBI5359 can detect and feedback the locations to manufacturers if there is a failing die or already dead pixels of micro-LED after mass transfer. Thus, MBI5359 facilitates early repair to improve the micro-LED display quality and reliability.

  The demonstration of ultra fine-pitch LED display with LED driver IC MBI5359 got a lot of attention and with very high appreciation from the guests at 2017 micro-LED International Symposium. Additionally, the industry leaders expect to keep bringing better technologies and working together to help customers fast adopt micro-LED for ultra fine-pitch display applications as well as become an indispensable supply chain of industry in the world.