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Transparent LED display makes glass more attractive

In modern cities, we see more conventional screens. They are installed on the periphery of high-end office buildings, commercial complexes, and the Science and Technology Expo Center. They are airtight, obstructing the outdoor light and watching lines of sight. The value of the curtain wall is neglected.

The transparent led display, this extremely colorful display technology, has been receiving much attention since its inception. It is the best partner for the glass curtain wall, as long as there is a place where glass can be applied, such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, auto 4S shops, science and technology museums, and so on. Aoleda transparent led display makes the world more transparent, so that the glass is more attractive!

First, the application of large-scale architectural glass curtain wall

The transparent led display solves the problem that the traditional led display cannot be applied in a large area of ​​the glass curtain wall. As a carrier of information dissemination, buildings are often referred to as “multimedia curtain walls.” With the development of LED optoelectronic technologies and breakthroughs in modern building media technologies, they have been sought after by the market in recent years, especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction. Various solutions have emerged. Transparent led display technology, with high transparency, ultra-thin characteristics, has obvious technical advantages in the field of construction media. In the context of the depletion of outdoor advertising resources in the city, the glass curtain wall is a new blue ocean area. The scope of this area is very wide, such as commercial glass buildings, high-end office buildings, shopping malls, sightseeing elevators, automotive 4S shops and other glass curtain wall occasions.

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Second, the brand chain glass window application

The transparent led display solves the difficult problem of digital display of commercial window advertisement in the retail industry. The street-front window is an important means for the promotion of merchandise display in retail stores. It is of great significance for displaying the types of retail store operations, focusing on selling merchandise, and attracting consumers to purchase. Let the window be liberated from the traditional single print advertisement, the advertisement form is more flexible and changeable, the store image is more vivid and vivid, and the consumer and the store produce a deeper level of information exchange and interaction.

Third, the transparent canopy landscape application

Translucent visual effects during the day, good lighting to see the blue sky and white clouds; night, you can play beautiful video. Accompanied by a wonderful acoustic effect, it gives people a stunning visual feast. Flexible structure design enables diverse surface shapes. The high visibility of the hidden installation, the construction of a different sky, is immersive. The unique and transparent canopy beautifies the city and creates a new advertising model. The transparent led display is transparent under the condition that it is not lit, and it is perfectly integrated with graceful buildings and blue sky and white clouds. Visitors do not feel the presence of the display screen. While enjoying shopping, tasting food, and taking a leisurely stroll, you can enjoy the sun in the sky during the day and the breathtaking and colorful canopy screen at night. Let your shopping trip and Juyou date even more romantic and dreamy!

Fourth, large-scale commercial store applications

Transparent LED display can perfectly combine modern art beauty with metal modeling, and has the characteristics of high transparency, high stability, long service life, etc., with a passing rate of up to 80%, which will not only affect the original after installation is complete. The style of the building and the indoor lighting and viewing lines, but also play a role in lighting glass architecture, enhance its commercial value, play a good advertising effect.

The transparent led display gives the glass curtain walls a second life, making the glass more viable and making the city life more colorful!